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Helpline Our Helpline service operates from 9:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week. When the Helpline is unattended, caller can leave a message on the telephone and we will endeavour to return call to you at the first opportunity. The contents of the telephone conversation will be kept confidential. Helpline number is 1800 881 663.
Events and Avticities We regularly run a wide range of events and activities for community members, such as sports, cooking class, competitions, educational workshops, forums etc.
Raising Awareness and Education There is the axiomatic saying that “Prevention is better than cure” and we believe and embrace this philosophy. That is why we hold various public events each year, the main objective of which is to raise the awareness of and educating the general public about gambling addiction and the potential risk of serious harm that may be caused to the individual gambler, the gambler’s family members, and the community by gambling addiction. The gambling industry has been spending huge sum of money in advertising gambling activities. In doing so, they normalise gambling and undermine the harms that gambling may cause to the individual gambler, the gambler’s family members, and the community. So it is vital that people should be aware of the risks they may face in engaging in gambling. This is particularly important for the younger generations who are bombarded with large amount of gambling advertisements on TV and social media.
Other Community Services We consider humans are spiritual, psychological and physical beings. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to human wellbeing and we offer our services with individuals, families and communities as our targets in mind. We consider that strong family tie will provide a safe environment for all family members to develop their individual potential and for nurturing our children. Hence we organise events from time to time for family relationship building as our objective. According to our knowledge and research data provided by government, we are aware that overseas Chinese students are vulnerable to being allured to gambling for various reasons, in particular, loneliness, lack of family support and care, boredom, language barrier, and stress due to studies and examinations. With this in mind, we organise some events from time to time offering opportunities to the overseas Chinese students to participate. Through their participation in these events, we hope to help the students to know more friends who have similar cultural and linguistic backgrounds as theirs. We also offer dissemination of community information to the Victorian Chinese in order to enable them to know more and have a better understanding of the Australian and Victorian culture, social and legal systems.

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免费手工巧克力工坊 健康的活动和积极的心态一直以来是维州华人赌博关怀机构想要传达的理念。 免费手工巧克力活动可以教授华人朋友们制作巧克力,还可以让他们享受有趣的集体活动。 2017年6月24号,维省华人赌博关怀协会将会组织手工巧克力制作的活动,全程的中文讲解可以帮助华人朋友们更好的学习巧克力制作过程。参加手工巧克力制作,还提供的了很好的机会让在澳的华人朋友们有更好的交流和互动,他们可以了解到健康积极的生活比选择赌博等兴趣更好。 報名方法: 点击下面网址下載報名表 Chocolate Making Registration Form 2017 到Suite 16, 27 Bank Street, Box Hill,領取報名表 (10:00 am to 3:00pm) 加微信CGCI_VIC,发送“报名” 。             […]

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[Sep.] Rainbow Cake DIY Course

Come and learn how to make rainbow cake!

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[Aug.] Free Lecture on Gamblers and Their Family

Have you ever thought that family could be a strong power to encourage gamblers to get rid of risks gambling may bring? Come and learn a better way of communicating […]